Our tea of the month: Irish Pu Erh



A blend of Pu Erh, Yerba Mate, lemongrass, apple pieces, rose hips, and natural apple flavor.

Inspired by an Irish blend called Pu Erh Fitness tea 

What makes this blend a fitness tea?

Check it out 👇


Pu Erh tea leaves are aged and naturally fermented so the tea leaves grow healthy bacteria and fungi that contribute to their wellness boosting benefits. Pu Erh is especially good for cancer prevention, promoting weight loss, and boosting the immune system. It can even reverse the damaging effects of aging on the immune system, helping us to fight infection and disease as we grow older. It is also high in caffeine and stimulates mental alertness so this tea is a useful tool for boosting productivity and energy (a big reason our team loves to drink Pu Erh during the work day).


Yerba Mate is energizing for the body and mind, and provides nutrients to the brain that promote function, memory, and concentration. Yerba Mate is a stimulant for the adrenal cortex and is therefore thought of as a sexual tonic. Though this blend is energizing it also has stress and fatigue reducing effects: this makes it useful for getting a boost without increasing anxious energy. 


Lemongrass is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb: inflammation is the root of many common and serious ailments, from general aches and pain to heart disease and cancer. Additionally, lemongrass may act as a natural pain reliever, making it a great companion for the gym and post workout for sore muscles. It also flushes water from the body and reduces bloating which makes it useful for combating PMS symptoms.


Apple tea has soluble fibre and can help to boost digestion: this makes it a great weight loss aid. It also fights bad cholesterol and promotes fat burning. Plus we all know it is a great immune system booster (an apple a day keeps the doctor away)


Rose hips are dense in nutrients that are anti-aging and boost immunity. Rose hips are soothing for respiratory issues, promote the health of skin and bones, and combats cellular damage from free radicals. 

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