May Intentions:
connecting with nature
You know spring has officially arrived when the quietness of winter is replaced by the chattering of birds! Spring is the season of change and it gives us the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature after staying indoors all winter. Simply being in nature is the oldest remedy in the book when it comes to healing, restoring, and embracing change, and that's why this month we are focusing on just that!
Here are a few ways to get in touch with nature this May.

Invite nature inside so you can get a dose of good vibes.

Nature is rich in negative ions and have been proven to positively affect air quality and the physical and psychological function of humans. Subsequently, office spaces, cars, and any atmosphere with electrical equipment tend to 'steal' those negative ions and are heavy with positive ions which is associated with accelerated aging and cellular degeneration.

  • Find your negative ions in the the forest, the mountains, at a waterfall, or just go outside before and after a rainstorm.
  • Walk barefoot outside so you can absorb negative ions from the earth through your feet.
  • Take meetings, lunch, and breaks outside so you can soak up negative ions.
  • Open windows in your home or office or drive with the windows down.

Catch that morning sunlight.

We are biologically wired to sync up with the sun and that's exactly what you should do every morning, first thing when you roll out of bed.

  • Morning sunlight exposure helps your immunity, your sleep, your eyes, and even your metabolism.
  • The combination of UV and infrared light is at an ideal balance between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. During this time, the sun has the most concentrated healing properties and causes our body to release more endorphins.
  • Many of us revert to our phones or the TV to unwind or to even recharge. Instead of doing either of those things as soon as you wake up, go outside to get some sun on your face for 20 minutes while you sip your morning tea.

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