boosting moods & finding your happy

March is here and spring is right around the corner! This month we are focusing on nourishing our neurological health, finding our happy, and cutting out the things that over consume us. In our overstimulated world, more and more people are dealing with anxiety and depression. That's why this month we will explore the value of seeking happiness from within and talk about ways to strengthen your neurological health.

Spring is just the right time to start anew, so make a cup of your favorite tea and check out our tips!


Create joyful challenges for yourself.

It can be easy to ignore the things you want to accomplish, especially when scrolling on social media or binging Netflix are easy and well-established habits. You might feel like you just don't have the time to do the things you keep telling yourself you want to do. But really it is as simple as this: you have to give yourself the opportunity to do better by actively placing obstacles in front of the bad and removing all barriers from the good.

Author Shawn Achor of The Happiness Advantage recommends removing the batteries from the remote control if you want to watch less TV or putting a musical instrument you want to play at arms length from your favorite chair. If you have a bad habit of starting your day by staring at a cell phone, you could try charging your phone just out of reach, so that you have to physically get out of bed to retrieve it. When you put the things you actually want to do right in front of you, you are much more likely to make choices that make you happy vs making convenient and unintentional decisions. Imagine the kind of life you want to live and then start setting yourself up to live it.

Do a digital detox. 🧠

We live in a world that is run by technology. And while technology has tons of advantages, there are also many downsides. In particular, social media has trained us to need constant stimulation. Ever lose track of time as you scroll away on TikTok? Or pick up your phone to make a call and got caught up checking every single notification? That's your brain glitching out and research is showing this tendency is not good for your neurological health. If you go to the screen time settings on your phone you might be shocked by how much time you spend on your screen each day.

According to author Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism, the concept of being bored, is becoming a lost art. Yes, being bored can be a GOOD thing! Our brains have not evolved to be constantly stimulated, so think of boredom as a place of rest and recovery where great ideas and thoughts can grow. Challenge yourself to do a digital detox. Quit all the unnecessary apps/tools on your device for a month (excluding what you need for work/parenting/life) and pay attention to how your priorities change. Your house may be tidier, you might start a new hobby, and most importantly, your anxiety might melt away as you give your brain room to wander.

A note on boredom & solitude.

It is easy to lose grasp of the things you love when you are constantly bombarded with external stimuli. Fill your cup back up by designating specific time to just be alone. During that time, take yourself out on a solo date. Go do something outside of your house that you would normally do with other people. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but you will soon witness your confidence and overall happiness shine through. Spending time with yourself will remind you of all the things you love about you, which we think is pretty important.

To help you with the awkwardness, bring a book or journal to occupy your hands. Not knowing what to do with your hands is an experience a lot more people have than you think. 😂

Take ownership of your happy.

Happiness is a habit we practice, a choice we make, and a journey we're on. Dive into your day manifesting and sharing it.

There's a great quote from Tara Schuster that says "When you tether yourself to external forces, you are handing over your happiness and stability to someone or something else." So start each day by setting a positive intention and imagining a great day. Actually visualize it when you wake up. Ask yourself what will I get to enjoy today? Then look for all the shiny moments in the day and take any opportunity you can to feel awe, to laugh, or to relax into a moment. The more you practice feeling positive emotions, the more naturally they'll come to you. And when you are dealt misfortune, cut off in traffic, accidentally delete something you've been working on, or have to walk far in the rain, look for the opportunity. Did you learn something? Did you exercise? Is someone else teaching you patience or maybe even showing you your triggers? The hard stuff is often where we grow.

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