Lemon Soft Scrub All-Purpose Cleanser is so easy to make but is also a very handy and wholesome! This gentle scrub is great for cleaning sinks, tubs, tile, dishes, door handles, flower vases and so much more!  

One of our favorite uses for this cleansing paste is as a stove top cleaner. We simply shake the Lemon Cleanser onto the stove top, spray with water, scrub built up grease with a sponge, wipe up residue with a paper towel, and then wipe down stove top with a wet rag. 

You can also freshen carpets by sprinkling the powder on the floor prior to vacuuming. It smells so nice and fresh!

All you need is baking soda and LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL.


  1. In a jar, pour 1/3 - 1/2 box of baking soda. 
  2. Add several drops of Lemon Essential Oil (at least 10-20 drops) and liberally shake to blend.
  3. Repeat until the jar is full, then pour into the desired container.
**We like to recycle our old tea and spice tins to store our homemade products like this.**

​Lemon is a mood lifting and energizing essential oil! We love the way this fresh powder cleanser brightens up a home and we hope you do too! ​🌱

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