Forest Bathing:
how to do it + the science behind it.

It's all in the ions.

Planting your bare feet on the Earth (also called "grounding" or "earthing") allows you to absorb negative electrons and neutralize your body's charge. This process can neutralize oxidants or free radicals and is SO good for your health. You can also get a dose of negative ions by forest bathing. Forest bathing is a great way to connect to Mother Earth and feel at ease.

Read how to do it below. ⬇

Here's how to forest bathe:

  1. Pick a destination. The places with the best saturation of negative ions are near water or densely forested areas. You can utilize a nearby park, pond, or just your backyard! You can also get more negative ions in your daily routine by keeping houseplants, going outside after a rainstorms, driving with the windows down, or even just taking a shower. When water crashes, negative ions are released. No wonder we feel so good around water!
  2. Turn off devices or keep them put away. This will give you the best chance of relaxing and being present. Also, electronic devices emit positive ions, which you don't want because they are correlated to poor health.
  3. Kick off your shoes and let your toes and feet mold to the Earth's surface. Take long, deep breaths and notice what you see, hear, and smell. Absorb your surroundings. Plants emit immune boosting terpenes and trees can connect us to the energy of the earth, so enjoy the aromas of nature and hug a tree if you want. You'll feel both calm and energized at the same time (a matcha sort of energy).

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