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This month we are shining the spotlight on Maggie, one of our team members who shares her talents in creative brand building, analytics, and website development. She is also one of the primary team members to successfully develop and ship our tea club subscription box to you every season! Maggie is organized, resilient, and is one of our senior team members, as she is approaching her 5 year mark!

Read more on Maggie's favorite teas and honey, as well as her tips and tricks on how to make her perfect cup of tea.


Maggie's Favorite Tea

Maggie's favorite tea is Coconut Creme Pu Erh! She loves the bold pu erh tea flavor that is perfectly balanced with coconut and cacao shells. Maggie enjoys sipping on this creamy coconut tea, hot- just as is- in the morning after her workout and breakfast. It's that good! 


1 - 2 teaspoons in 8 oz of hot water for 7 - 10 minutes


This blend is energizing for the body and mind, supports immunity and longevity and is great for metabolism and digestion. 

At Old Barrel Co we celebrate and nourish our health in all ways. We asked Maggie what her favorite way to practice self-care is and this is what she said:

"Getting a pedicure. I feel like there was a time when I did this regularly, and now I may get them once or twice a year - so I realize now how much I took advantage of a regular pedicure! I also enjoy taking a hot bath with a hemp bath bomb."


Pu Erh tea in particular is bold and earthy, so we love to add darker honey like this Salt Cedar Honey or our Mexican Vanilla Bean Extract. These flavor enhancers add the perfect touch of smooth sweetness to any cup of pu erh tea.

Salt Cedar Honey

Mexican Vanilla Bean Extract

A Charity She Is Passionate About

Maggie's favorite animal is the sea turtle and she is passionate about the Sea Turtle Conservancy. This organization works to protect sea turtles around the world, as they are endangered and poached. Maggie finds inspiration in them because they can not swim backwards-they can only move forward, not focusing on the past. 

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Blueberry & Lemongrass


Tropical Black & Lavender Sage Lemonade

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