September Intentions:
get focused and live intentionally

Fall officially begins this month and it is the perfect time to reflect, get focused, and re-imagine your lifestyle. Fall is the season to tie up loose ends, live more intentionally, and savor this quiet and beautiful season.

Here are our tips for boosting your brain power and living more intentionally this month.


Evaluate your sleep hygiene:

Did you know that getting high-quality sleep can protect the brain from neurological decline and disease? To your brain, sleep deprivation is like being intoxicated but without the buzz, and you may not even know you are sleep-deprived!

Common symptoms of sleep deprivation & insomnia:

1. Grogginess when waking

2. Sleep talking or walking

3. Waking up in the middle of the night disoriented or in a panic

4. Unable to focus during the day

How to practice good sleep hygiene:

1. Get your bedroom temp right (between 60℉ and 67℉).

2. Start hydrating early in the afternoon rather than chugging water right before bed (so you're not waking up thirsty or needing to pee).

3. Get more sunlight during the day and avoid watching TV or scrolling on your phone in the evening hours. 

4. Be active! Even just a 30-minute walk per day will help you sleep much better at night.

Be where your feet are.

In other words, be present in the moment you are in. We can easily become so consumed by technology and social media that we forget that life is happening right in front of us. You know those screen time reports we get once a week from our iPhones? On average, people spend 7 hours per DAY on their phone. 🤯 

Common symptoms of screen dependency:

1. Relying on screen time to wake you up in the mornings.

2. Being physically attached to your phone at all times or getting on your device when you feel awkward.

3. Getting on your phone when you feel bored or never allowing yourself to feel bored.

4. Feeling guilty or anxious after spending too much time on your phone.

How to become less addicted to your phone:

1. Set boundaries on your phone. In your settings, you can enable a time limit on certain apps.

2. Turn off your notifications for things that are not necessary. You can also turn off text notifications from certain people.

3. Choose one day a week when your phone is turned off all day.

Connect to your environment.

Take some time to refocus, reset, and revitalize your environment. Once you're well-rested and dedicating fewer hours to your device, you might just find you have more time and energy to invigorate your lifestyle! Try this...

1. Declutter and deep clean your living spaces; simplifying your external environment can help eliminate decision fatigue and help you relax.

2. Harvest your garden and try out a new recipe, can/pickle, or make fruit jams with your home-grown goods. No garden? Try making a wildflower centerpiece for your kitchen table. The goal is to invite the outside in!

3. Jot down the things you'd like to change about your lifestyle, then decide how you're going to make it easier on yourself to accomplish your goals. Want to start each day with a healthy breakfast? Maybe you could try food-prepping the night before. Or maybe you find your morning commute stressful? Download guided meditations for your drive.

We hope you spend this month finding clarity and nourishing a lifestyle that makes you feel calm, confident, and happy.

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