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tips on building stronger connections for a longer & healthier life

We know we talk a lot about the Blue Zones...

But they are just so fascinating.

One thing that Blue Zones (communities where people live longer and healthier lives) have in common is the emphasis they put on belonging. Blue Zoners tend to put family first and have strong social bonds with people who encourage healthy habits.

We find this sentiment pretty inspiring.

Here are a few tips to up your sense of belonging this summer.


1: Put social activities on a regular schedule.

Join an adult sports league that has weekly games or a book club that meets once a month. Or, host your friends and family every Monday for dinner. We are creatures of habit, so making socializing a part of a regular routine will minimize decision fatigue.

2: Choose activities that unify.

Invite friends to do something productive like volunteering at a local charity event, doing a craft night, or taking a hike. When we engage in ways that make us feel like a team, we strengthen our bonds. While dinner and drinks tend to be our default social activity, we experience more intrinsic satisfaction from doing something that attributes to our individual growth.

3: Be present.

Put devices away when spending time with friends and family to show them that there is no one you'd rather engage with. Listen actively, be vulnerably honest without fear of the consequences, and laugh easily. Belonging should feel safe and joyful.

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