Blooming Tea Ball

✨ magic in a cup ✨


Blooming tea balls are a visual treat because they blossom before your eyes. Our blooming tea balls are made from sencha green tea bound into a ball with a flower hand sewn into the middle. When dropped into hot water, the tea leaves slowly unfurl and start to diffuse green tea, as the flower blossom floats towards the top of the water. The brew process is like watching magic happen right before your eyes!

Blooming Tea Ball

The green tea creates a delicate and earthy taste, as the petals release floral notes. We recommend using the tea balls in a glass tea pot or glass cup, giving you a front row view of the magical display. These are fun to share while enjoying tea time with friends and make a great gift for tea lovers of all ages!

Each and every one of the tea balls contains a flower that varies in color and size and is unique to that ball. It's like opening a fortune cookie to find something inside that was meant just for you. 

Glass Teapot with Infuser

Remove the infuser from your glass tea pot and drop a blooming tea ball directly into the pot. Allow to steep in hot water for several minutes and enjoy!


Lavenderberry White

Jasmine White Monkey Green

American Wildflower

Wild Strawberry

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