building & keeping healthy habits for the new year.

Happy New Year tea lovers! We hope you had a restful and sweet holiday spent with those you love. We are diving into 2023 with lots of positivity and we plan to make it a very well spent year! Now that the holidays are over and we are returning to a more productive season of life, you might be thinking about what it is that you want to accomplish, start or continue in 2023.

 Make yourself a cup of green tea for that extra brain boosting power and read our quick tips on how to build and keep healthy habits this year.


Reflect on the past. 🌀

Sit down and take some quiet time to reflect on your year. Think about what you would like to repeat and what you want to let go of completely. Figure out what you struggled with and ways you thrived. Then, make a realistic list of what you want to do more of, less of or stop doing in the new year.

This reflection can shed some light on your priorities and if they make sense to you, or if they need adjusting. Maybe you spent more time on social media than you would like or have a bad habit of staying up too late. Think of the things you want to do instead and put it into practice starting today. ✨ (Even if it means locking your phone in the drawer in the other room.)

Manifest the future. ❄️

At the beginning of every year, many people set goals and intentions. But these goals are often forgotten or put on the back burner after just a week or so. A great way to ensure your future year is just as amazing as you want it to be is by creating a vision board! These keep our goals fresh on our minds and remind us that the year ahead is exactly what we make it.

Use a cork board or even create a Pinterest board with words, photos, colors, and drawings of what you envision your year to look like. Then seal the deal by deciding on a mantra you will live by in the next year. Write that mantra down on multiple sticky notes and place them in the spots you will frequently see them.

Tackle the year month by month. 💙

Planning your goals and ambitions for an entire year may just be unrealistic for some. If you are one of those people, tackle the year as it comes. At the beginning of every month set one goal for yourself. It could something like reading one book, doing a craft or hobby that brings you joy, practicing a self care routine once a week, or participating in our Matcha Challenge by drinking matcha every day. (Highly recommend 😎)

Make sure your challenges are achievable and realistic so you can keep up your momentum for the year. To help yourself keep on track, set scheduled reminders on your phone. Once you complete your challenge for the month you can look back and be proud of your commitment! Don't forget to celebrate your success before setting your next goal.

More on the Matcha Challenge

The challenge is simple: drink matcha once a day. After drinking matcha every day for 30 days, many people have reported having better focus, improved energy and even better sleep!

We would love if you shared your experience with us via Instagram or Facebook, or if you would send us a private message on our website. You all always inspire us with new ways to brew!

We will also be sharing matcha recipes throughout the month of January. Stay tuned. 😉


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