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Meditation gardens are intimate spaces created for unwinding and reflecting away from the noise and clutter of daily routines. Meditation is a deeply personal experience, so designing an ideal space for relaxation will be based on what you want to feel in your special space! When spending time in your mediTation garden, you typically want to take in nature through your senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and even taste. By opening our senses, it allows us to get in touch with ourselves and with nature.

Here's How To Do It

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a healthy mind starts with a healthy body

When you grow food in your meditation garden, you are nurturing something, and in turn, nurturing yourself! Bringing something to life and setting it up to thrive is meditative in itself and is especially helpful to combat depression and anxiety through watching something grow and thrive thanks to your love and care. Choose a leafy green garden, a colorful fruit and herb patch or a hearty vegetable plot this summer with these seed starting kits! The colors and scents of these plants are calming to the mind and will attract pollinators to your space that provide soft hums and buzzing for your audio therapy needs. 🐝

Green Goddess Seed Starter Trio

Patio Punch Seed Starter Trio

Mighty Minis Seed Starter Trio

have a water feature

Ever wonder why being around water is calming? Science tells us that even just looking at images of water, or listening to water releases a bunch of neurochemicals in your brain that promote wellness as your blood flow increases to both your heart and brain, which creates an immediate feeling of relaxation. These self-watering grow kits feature a smoked glass planter outfitted with a passive hydroponic system known as “wicking,” which brings water and nutrients up to the plant's roots. These self-sustaining hydroponic systems are great way to celebrate and enjoy the magic of water in an office or kitchen space, especially if you aren't home regularly and need an independent kind of plant!

Basil Tapered Tumbler Grow Kit

Eucalyptus Tapered Tumbler Grow Kit

a calming space provides a clear mind

Burning herbs and types of wood is a tradition that goes back thousands of years in Native American cultures. It is thought that the smoke created by burning sacred herbs and woods prevents illness, wards off negative energy or cleanses a space or person. To use, light one end of the stick of the sage or cedar bundle, then blow out the flame and let it smolder. Walk around your meditation garden with your stick and think positive thoughts to cleanse the space around you. Watching the slow smoke is mesmerizing, as it stimulates your sense of sight, as the light citrus and floral aroma stimulates your sense of smell. 

Palo Santo (Set of 10 Sticks)

New Mexico Sage & Cedar Smudge Sticks

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