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GARDENING + MEDITATION = BLISS 🌿 learn how to make your own meditation garden 🌿 Meditation gardens are intimate spaces created for unwinding and reflecting away from the noise and clutter of daily routines. Meditation is a deeply personal experience, so designing an ideal space for relaxation will be based on what you want to feel in your special space! When spending time in your mediTation garden, you typically want to take in nature through your senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and even taste. By opening our senses, it allows us to get in touch with ourselves and with nature. Here's How To Do It ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ a healthy mind starts with a healthy body When you grow...

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SHINING THE SPOTLIGHT 🌿 Caitlin's Favorites 🌿 This month we are shining the spotlight on Caitlin, one of our store managers who oversees the day to day operations at both of our Cloudcroft and Ruidoso locations. Caitlin loves getting to interact with customers who come in to the shop and enjoys building connections with people through tea-education and tea tasting at the counter. Caitlin's calm and positive demeanor adds a little magic to the tea shop experience! Read more on Caitlin's favorite teas and spices, as well as her tips and tricks on how to make her perfect cup of tea. ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ Caitlin's Favorite Tea Blend: Blueberry Wild Strawberry is Caitlin's go-to tea because it is fruity, sweet and a perfect...

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BELIZEAN SORREL GUAYUSA tangy ∙ rich ∙ subtle cinnamon ∙ vibrant 🌺 🌺 🌺 IN A NUTSHELL: This blend is bold, tangy and sweet with a subtle cinnamon kick! It is antioxidant-rich, energizing and promotes digestion and metabolism. Guayusa is grown in a "chacra", which is essentially a forest garden that resides in this tropical region where there are no fertilizers or chemicals used. In Ecuador, Guayusa is a vital part of the the native Kichwa people's culture and history.  This high-caffeine blend captures the essence of breathing in a warm breath of tropical ocean air and being immersed in natural aromas of coconut and hibiscus brought in by the sea breeze. Close your eyes while sipping, and you are instantly lounging on a beach, toes in...

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OBTC Teas Found In: Belizean Sorrel Guayusa & Strawberry Mojito In traditional Chinese medicine, Schisandra is considered beneficial to qi, the life force or energy inherent in all living things. It's thought to have a positive impact on several pathways in the body, including the heart, lungs, and kidneys. Schisandra is used as an "adaptogen" for increasing resistance to disease and stress, increasing energy, and increasing physical performance and endurance.  Schisandra berries provide powerful antioxidant protection, particularly from free radicals and other toxins in the environment that may cause cellular damage. It has been found that Schisandra reduces cortisol levels in the body (the stress hormone) and is effective in controlling changes in serotonin and adrenaline caused by stress. This...

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OBTC Teas Found In: Lavender Sage Lemonade At one time, the French produced bountiful crops of sage, which they used as a tea. The Chinese became enamored with French sage tea, trading 4 pounds of Chinese tea for every 1 pound of sage tea. Many people in China used sage to treat colds, joint pain, typhoid fever, and kidney and liver issues.  In 812 A.D., sage was one of the plants deemed so important that CHarlemagne ordered it planted on German Imperial farms, no doubt due to lucrative trade business, as well as for its medicinal properties. In ancient Rome, sage was considered to have substantial healing properties, particularly helpful in the digestion of the fats of the time, and...

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