Yerba Mate is earthy, grassy, and bright. When steeped in water too hot, Yerba Mate can taste slightly ashy. When prepared delicately, the flavor is just so lovely and refreshing!

Yerba Mate also has many health benefits...

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Yerba Mate is a shrub from South America and is commonly shared to encourage lively conversation. It is stimulating for the body and mind, as it provides nutrients to the brain.

Yerba Mate contains pantothenic acid, which stimulates metabolism and helps the body convert food into energy. Pantothenic acid also regulates hormone production and stimulates the adrenal system. With a combination of B and C vitamins, Yerba Mate soothes the nervous system and diminishes stress.

Yerba Mate is even considered to be a sexual tonic as it provides vital nutrients and boosts energy. Meow 😻

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