​We've seen photos of this travel bottle many places across the globe and it always makes us happy: reusable vs. disposable is something we get excited about. But we're excited about this travel bottle for even more reasons… 

​Check it out!👇
  • It keeps your beverages hot or cold all day! We especially love to use our TAKEYA ICED TEA PITCHER to make a full pot of hot tea, divvy up as much as we want into cups for immediate consumption, and pour the rest into our OBTC water bottle for later! It stays hot all day! We thank ourselves later in the day for preparing the tea all at once as it encourages us to consume more tea (which is, of course, always our goal).
  • It is slim enough to fit in a cup holder: being on the road a lot, we really appreciate this! It also slips easily into a backpack pocket or an oversized purse, which is why it tends to go with us everywhere we go!
  • It is also durable, leak proof, and it is just so darn cute! 💕

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