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The Future Is Female
When America entered WWII, millions of men went off to war and women stepped into the civilian and military jobs they left behind. During this time, women inspired the greatest fight for equality and social change, as they became independent and thrived in personal and financial freedom. This empowered women everywhere to change the social constructs of the country and in the world regarding equal rights and equal pay in the workforce and beyond.

We are so grateful for this transition that put us on the fast route to equality. As a female owned and operated business, we are taking full advantage of the opportunities and freedoms our grandparents fought for. 

Cheers to financial feminism!

Here are a few tips to nourish your financial savviness...

#1 Nourish sisterhood and support

Adopt the mantra "her success is my success," or as we like to say, "empowered women empower women." We are all in this together, men and women alike! Be collaborative, be a cheerleader, and be inspired by the success of the women and men in your world. Take any opportunity you can to learn, don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it and eagerly emulate the powerful people who inspire you.

#2 Be fearless about investing: 

The goal is to let your money work for you! While having a safety net is important, having your money make money is even better. Invest, buy real estate if you get the chance, or spend the money to open your dream business. If you've ever played Monopoly you know - it takes spending money to make money. Your money won't grow very fast if it is just sitting in your account - do something productive with it!

#3 Understand your funds: 

Know where your money is and how much you make. Keep track of your progress in a readily accessible document so you know how far you have come and what goals you are still working towards. Don't be hard on yourself, but be organized so your financial picture, no matter what it looks like right now, is clear.

#4 Have conversations:

Money is hard to talk about and we often feel ashamed for the things we don't understand, but more than likely, your co-workers and friends have the same questions as you, and some may even have answers and useful tips. Discuss being money-savvy and ask questions - the more we share, the more we can grow.

Celebrating Women And Financial Feminism

$5 of every "Empowered Women Empower Women" T-Shirt sold will be donated to an EMPOWERING organization called Black Girls Code

"Financial independence is not a sudden result but rather a lifelong journey where certain decisions and behaviors propel the individual ahead." -Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, President of the Charles Schwab Foundation

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