✨ maintaining healthy relationships is good for you ✨

Positive relationships can boost your happiness, reduce stress, and improve your confidence! One of the most important things we learned last year was that humans need emotional connection with other humans for the health of our minds and bodies.  

Here are some tips and tricks to nurture every type of relationship in your life:

Science Tells Us:

Adults with a strong social network have reduced risk of depression, lower blood pressure, and tend to maintain a more healthy body mass index.

1. Start with yourself: Law of attraction is the idea that we attract the things that we focus on and surround ourselves with – and it applies to relationships and to life. If you embrace positive thinking, live with passion, and are kind and accepting of yourself and others, you’ll attract people who do the same.

2. Appreciate your differences: The differences between everyone is what makes each individual unique. It's what adds excitement and what helps us challenge our own perspectives. Embrace differences, and the bond with that person could grow even stronger.

3. Be present: We live in a time where technology consumes us. While your cell phone is your most helpful tool to navigate everyday life, it is not always necessary! Quality time is essential to maintaining positive relationships. So leave the phone in the other room and watch yourself get embarrassed when you reach for it and it's not there (this will be a humbling experience).

With love, 

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