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November 13, 2020 - Give a compliment to a stranger. November 14, 2020 - Buy a raffle ticket for the OBCT Orphanage Gift Basket. November 15, 2020 - Write a personal thank you note and mail it to the recipient. November 16, 2020 - Message someone you've not talked to in a long time with a kind note. November 17, 2020 - Take a bag of cat or dog food to a local shelter. November 18, 2020 - Act of kindness to yourself: Go outside for stretching! November 19, 2020 - Call someone in quarantine and simply listen to them while they explain what they are experiencing. November 20, 2020 - Donate a book to a school or free book exchange....

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Dear friends,We wanted to share with you the precautionary measures we're taking in our blending facility and in our stores to protect our team, guests, and products from contamination. Further, we are sharing information about risks with food products like tea and tips to boost immunity.  Read below 👇 Precautions we are taking in our blending facility: Our blending facility team wears face masks, hair covers, and gloves Team members are regularly washing hands and are educated on contamination risks Surfaces and equipment are regularly disinfected  Team members experiencing any symptoms are asked to stay home SHOULD YOU WORRY ABOUT TEA AND OTHER PRODUCTS FROM CHINA? In their Q&A on the virus, the CDC states that Coronaviruses are generally spread person-to-person and that there is...

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