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Not to be confused with the chocolate truffle, these truffles are a type of fungi that grow underground near the roots of broadleaved trees such as oak or hazelnut. They mostly grow in concentrated areas around the world like France, Italy and New Zealand. Truffles are harvested by truffle hunters who use specially trained dogs or pigs to sniff out the distinct truffle aromas. The flavor is often described as being nutty, earthy, woody, mushroomy and even a little meaty.

Fascinating Fungi

Truffles are interesting because they want to be eaten! The truffle mushroom emits an aroma that mimics mammalian pheromones, so that mammals (dogs, pigs, humans, etc...) are drawn to the mushroom, dig it out of the ground, eat it, and spread the spores through waste (💩).

Truffles have evolved to beguile us, so it is no wonder we find them so intensely alluring and intoxicating. Their symbiotic relationship with mammals is not the only symbiosis practiced by this enchanting fungi - truffles also take sugar from the tree roots they grow on, and in return provide nutrients drawn from the soil to the tree.

While this edible delight might hide in the dark, it seems they want nothing more than a lovely reciprocal relationship with all they encounter. They are givers.

Truffle is great on so many dishes, but you can start by adding truffle sea salt to meats, eggs, pasta, rice, potatoes, or even popcorn. Try livening up your holiday dishes with a sprinkle of Truffle Sea Salt - your guests will be under the truffle spell before you know it.


  • Truffles are considered a complete source of protein and are high in carbs, fiber, and several micronutrients.
  • Some studies show that truffles may have anticancer properties and could help block the growth of certain types of cancer cells.
  • Truffles can decrease the growth of several strains of bacteria.

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