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Fall Tea Club ships September 15th!

The Fall Tea Club includes 6 blends to capture the spirit of the season! These blends are perfect to unwind with next to the fireplace, carve pumpkins with, take to-go for outdoor sporting events, and bring along for picking apples in an orchard! Fall Tea Club will satisfy that seasonal sweet tooth, boost your body's immunity, and get you energized for the daily hustle and bustle of the fall season.


Tea Club Members always get 15% off loose leaf tea online and in store! 

Tea Club Members will receive a special token in their fall shipment, which can be used to get 15% off loose leaf tea in store all season long! Can't make it in to see us? No problem! Tea Club Members also get access to a special discount code to receive 15% off loose leaf tea online.


Spring: March 15

Summer:  June 15

Fall: September 15

Winter: December 15

Your card will be auto-billed 10 days prior to the shipment date.

Sad but rare, subscription cancellations do happen. That's ok! We don't make it hard to cancel or skip a shipment if your budget or tea needs change. Just login to manage your tea club account. 💛


Fall Tea Club blend consumption may cause you to jump into a pile of leaves 🍂, carve an elaborate pumpkin 🎃, bake a pie with fruit you picked off the trees 🍏, or go on a nature walk as the colorful leaves begin their descent 🍁. 

Shop spices to make comforting soups this fall season!


Thirteenth Wonder

Hatch Green Chile Powder - Hatch, New Mexico

African Spice

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