Live more, worry less.
Here are a few strategies to choosing a more joyful way of life. There is no time like the present to feel happy and healthy! Check it out...

1. Love your job and your mattress... You'll be spending a lot of time with both!

Most people spend about a third of the day at work and a third of the day in bed: both of these should be really comfortable!

Apart from adequate pay and a positive company culture, one of the key factors that determines satisfaction at work is how well-matched our strengths are to our work responsibilities. When we are doing something we are naturally good at, we add more value and are able to showcase how we stand out in a crowd. This makes our team happier (because we are doing our jobs well), but it also elevates our own confidence. It feels good to use our natural abilities to add real value in the workplace.

At OBTC, our team recently read a book call Now Discover Your Strengths and took the corresponding test to determine what our top strengths were as individuals. The results gave us insight into the types of situations we, individually, would add the most value to, and how we can maximize our potential in the workplace.

As far as your mattress goes...

If you don't love it, maybe it is time for a new one! Sleep is the foundation of a happy and healthy tomorrow!

2. Focus on community.

Moods, behaviors, and habits are contagious: spend time with people who live a life worth emulating.

We tend to adopt the behaviors and habits of the people we spend the most time with. For example, if your best friend is an adamant hiker, it is likely you will hike more often too! 

Spend time with people you would like to be more similar to and try to be a good influence in return.

Humans evolved as collaborative creatures. Sociality is our evolutionary niche, so it feeds our nature to feel a sense of community. Make time to invest in real life, in-person, interactions with people who inspire you.

3. Move more.

Get outside and take a walk. Sunshine, fresh air, and the circulation boost that exercise provides will remedy almost any blue feelings. Feeling physically well is the precursor to feeling emotional well! 

4. Give back.

Volunteering shifts are focus from "me" to "other," and focusing on "other" is a healthy perspective shift. We can sometimes get caught in a loop of what we want or think we are lacking. Walking a shelter dog or donating to a local food bank will help you realize that you have a lot to give and be grateful for.  

Gratitude feels good. Soak it up any chance you get!

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