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There is more than meets the eye.

These little gals are cute as can be and many people think that cuteness is the only purpose they serve. WRONG. Some people might even think that when you try to use them, honey just gets everywhere. WRONG AGAIN. They are incredibly functional when you understand how this clever design works.

So how do you use them?

Dip the olive wood honey dipper straight into the honeypot so the grooves can catch the honey, then tilt horizontally to drizzle in tea or on food. The shape and divots of a honey dipper add surface area so more honey can be caught on the dipper. Keep it spinning to prevent any honey from dripping from the grooves.

Our dippers are carved from olive wood, making each one unique! Olive wood is a strong and durable wood, and has a rich color and a buttery feel. Olive wood is also non-porous so germs and odors are not retained (making it a sanitary honey tool).

Take a look at our raw & unfiltered honey


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