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Hot Tea Season

The nighttime temperatures are dropping and there is a crispness in the morning air: Fall is officially here. We're not putting away our favorite iced tea blends just yet, but we are dusting off our favorite hot tea brew essentials! 

This fall we are excited about evenings spent by the fireplace with a hot cup of tea!

Here are the brew basics we'll be cozying up with…

The Cast Iron Teapot

A cast iron teapot is a tea lover's essential for the fall and winter season! Why? You can set it directly on the stove or on an open flame and it keeps tea toasty and warm.


Here is how you use it…

Fill your teapot about two thirds full with water and heat on low. Once water is steaming, remove from heat and add your stainless steel infuser with loose tea leaves. Steep for the time suggested on the tea label and remove the infuser. Cover with the lid and serve as needed.

The Stainless Steel Infuser

This is the infuser we recommend using with your cast iron teapot… and any other vessel! This infuser is great because it fits in a standard tea cup yet is large enough to steep a whole pot of tea leaves!

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