Happy Sunday!

Today is a day to recover from the chaos of the work week, to recharge, and to find your center. Here are a few strategies to make the most of your Sunday and wake up on Monday morning feeling refreshed! ⬇︎ 

1. Take your time

The work week is fast-paced! During the week we practice doing things as quickly and efficiently as possible - try slowing things down today. Take time in your morning routine to care for yourself. Rather than relying on routine recipes, flip through a cookbook and enjoy CREATING a meal. Focus on enjoying the process of everything you do today.

2. Spend time outside 

Most jobs require us to be bathed in artificial light. Today, let the sun's light heal your ailments, elevate your mood, and improve the quality of your sleep tonight. If you can, give yourself a break from screens. Social media is especially easy to lose time on because it makes us feel busy (as it stimulates our mind), and relaxed (as we scroll thoughtlessly). The unfortunate result is we often find ourselves having physically paused but not truly rested, and having been stimulated but not really being present in our lives. Take time to be present - being in nature will make this easier.

3. Indulge in a self guided stretch 

It is easy to fall into the mindset that it only counts if you're attending a yoga class or committing to a structured exercise routine. Wellness is a culmination of every tiny expression of self-love. Your body is designed to tell you what it needs - listen to it and stretch in a way that feels good to you. Take time today to remind yourself that you can improve the quality of your life through small and consistent efforts - it doesn't have to feel hard to be good for you.

We hope you create a Sunday for yourself that is sweet, calm, and fulfilling.

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