🌞️ Hello Saturday 🌞️
tips for a healthy & happy weekend
So much of our lives revolve around work, so we believe it is important to use the weekend time to recharge and refresh for the week ahead to help you lead a fulfilling and rewarding life. The weekend has arrived, and we want to share our favorite weekend tips and ideas to help you utilize your time in a healthy and happy way. 💚
Make A Mini Succulent Garden

There's something beautiful about holding the Earth and the life it holds in your hands, as it is a way to get in touch with nature. Gardening is also an excellent outlet for self-reflecting! Building a succulent garden is easy and affordable and can can a fun kiddo friendly project!

Keep a little world of life right at your desk, kitchen or even bathroom! Learn how to make a simple succulent terrarium garden here.

Get Outdoors

Hiking or walking by yourself, or with friends/family is a great way to exercise and breathe in that fresh Spring air! In fact, being in nature can boost your mood and improve your mental health. Make your hike a creative and interactive adventure by looking for bugs, birds, leaves and wildflowers......sketch your findings out in a sketchbook.

Find a hiking/walking trail near you here.

Go To The Farmer's Market

Going to the Farmer's Market is fun for everyone, as many of them have food vendors, local products, handmade items and even live entertainment! During this time in the world it is more important than ever to support your local businesses and this is a great way to do that! Shopping at a farmer's market helps you meet local farmers and get fresh, flavorful produce that you can use throughout the coming week.

Find a Farmer's Market near you here.

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