More Gratitude = More Joy


Thank you to all of you who participated in the gratitude challenge. All of the good vibes you sent out during these past two weeks have circulated - we can tell! 😘

Today, we are wishing you all the joyful and loving feelings. Here are our favorite ways to celebrate our gratitude in our family...




Speak up about what you are grateful for! Set the mood this Thanksgiving by taking turns sharing what you're grateful for with your family. 


As much as possible, put your phone away. Today is not the day to get lost in someone's feed - today is a day to get lost in conversation, card games, and, of course, amazing food, all with your family! Be present, listen, and choose compassion-based responses with your loved ones.


Nothing brings more energetic and child-like joy than getting outside and playing. Play catch, a yard game, or go for a hike. Many days we are required to sit still behind screens, so take advantage of your day off with loved ones by playing with them! Play is medicine for the mind and body, and makes us feel like we've earned our indulgent feast!

Today we are grateful for our health, our family, and for all of you - who love and support our little tea co.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

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