February 2020 is here already - how did that happen?? What does February mean to you? Are you looking forward to a romantic get-away with a special someone? Are you planning a Galentine's Day with your besties? Are you looking forward to some of the Black History Month events? Did you also know that this February is a Leap Year? Whatever you may have planned, we have teas for every occasion, even if you are just trying to stay warm while waiting for Spring! 

Read below and learn about our tea, spice, and essential oil of the month!
Chocolate covered strawberries have become a common Valentine's Day treat. Mocha Mate blended with Strawberry Hazelnut Pu Erh is our guilt-free tea version of the chocolate covered fruit!

Mocha Mate
is a toasted yerba mate blended with dark chocolate chips, marigold flowers and natural flavors. Mate teas are high in caffeine, giving you energy without the jitters or the caffeine crash that coffee can sometimes cause, and they are rich in B vitamins and minerals. 

Strawberry Hazelnut Pu Erh
is blended with pu erh leaves, strawberry pieces, cocoa nibs, rose petals, and natural flavors. This fermented tea leaf has probiotics and is great for bloating and digestion.

Try this blend hot, with a dash of honey and splash of creamer.
Spice of the Month: New Mexico Red Chile Powder
We enjoy using red and green chile powder to add a little spicy kick to just about anything, including desserts! In honor of Valentine's Day, the month of all chocolate sweets for that someone special (or for yourself), we tried adding Hatch, New Mexico, Red Chile Powder to brownies! Check out the recipe below!
Essential Oil of the Month: Patchouli
Patchouli has a full, musky-sweet scent. Patchouli has several benefits and ways to be used, including being used as a natural insect repellent, soothing inflammation, a natural deodorant, and improving skin health. We also like to use Patchouli as a mood booster and libido booster! Patchouli encourages the release of serotonin and dopamine (the feel good hormones)! Try diffusing it in a romantic blend below!
Night of Romance 

We hope your February is warm and filled with lots of love. And don't forget to make time for a little self-care and self-love this month!

🌱 Maggie & the OBTC family

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