When OBTC was brand new, the store carried (and yes, I bought one!) your traditional tea ball. For those who are new to the loose leaf tea game, a tea ball is just what it sounds like - a tea infuser in the shape of a ball that holds loose leaf tea! It usually has a mesh siding, opens in half, held together by a hinge and clasp, and dangles on the side of your mug/teapot by a chain! And while this tea ball did serve its purpose by allowing the tea to infuse in my cup of hot water, OBTC carries MUCH better infusing options now!!

One of the staff and customer favorites for an infusing option is the Stainless Steel Infuser for many reasons:

  • It will last: As the name implies, one great thing about this infuser is that it is stainless steel! I've had the Stainless Steel Infuser for a couple of years now and it is still in mint condition! We also use these infusers in store for making cups of tea because they never break or wear out. 
  • It doesn't leak leaves: The mesh and holes on this infuser are very fine! Even the finest teas (rooibos teas) do not slip through the holes which is a common problem with many other infusing options!
  • It can brew multiple servings: This infuser can brew either single servings or MULTIPLE SERVINGS! Whether I'm making a regular 8 oz cup for myself, or making a couple of cups to either (1) take a larger serving on the go, or (2) make tea for my husband and myself to share, our Stainless Steel Infuser can be used in both situations!
  • It's easy to clean: After using it, I simply tap it facedown on the inside of my trash can and the tea leaves fall out freely! I then soak it in water, or wash it immediately, to prevent the remaining tea leaves from getting stuck on the sides during the drying process. Because this infuser is stainless steel it is also dishwasher safe!!

Once you try this Stainless Steel Infuser, there is no going back. It's the best infuser for a serious tea drinker 🌱

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