Summer Tea Club

 🥥 ships tomorrow 🥥

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Feels Like Summer


Summer Tea Club ships out tomorrow and will arrive just in time for the official first day of summer.

It is iced tea season and we are so excited for the playfulness and sunshiny energy of summertime! This season marks the start of a new chapter in our lives. It's the time of year to enjoy the outdoors, strengthen our human connections through playfulness, and reminisce on the simple pleasures of a childhood spent in the sunshine!

We cannot wait to share our favorite summer blends with all of you! Check out our inspiration for the summer shipment below.


Summer Club Inspiration

The summer tea club shipment is inspired by the revitalizing elements of the season, like the herbs that are springing to life in the garden! We took inspo from the blissful feeling of playing in downy soft grass, the sound of humming bees darting through the air and the taste of the nectar from a fresh honeysuckle. We imagined the summer shipment and pictured the world opening back up. We imagined travel, to Italy in particular, and we dreamt of flavors we might enjoy on a summer vacation in Italy. We pictured summer of 2021 being full of socializing, inspiring conversation, and afternoon tea with the most classic kind of brews. We felt all the nostalgic feelings, reflecting on childhood and remembered chasing the ice cream truck, and trading grandpas dollar for a decadent treat!

The Summer Tea Club is intended to help you feel light and easy, nostalgic and playful, and to nourish your mind and body. We hope the blends we chose inspire you to get back in touch with the simple things in life that make you happy.

Most of all, we hope this shipment leaves you feeling playful!

Can you guess which blends will be included?


What is Tea Club?

6 of our favorite blends for the season shipped to your door. Tea club usually includes our newest blends and blend combinations not offered in the tin size - so you can expand your tea palate and find new blends to love each season!

shipment dates: 12.15 ❄️️ 3.15 🌱 6.15 ☀️️ 9.15 🍂 

Tea club members always get 15% off loose leaf tea!

(online & in store)

How does the billing work?

Your card will be auto-billed each season before the club ships. You'll be able to login to manage your account information, update billing/shipping, skip shipments, and (sad, but rare) cancel if need be.


Summer Tea Club blend consumption may cause you to have a sudden urge to cannonball into a swimming pool 💦, make a tea cocktail with herbs from your garden🍹, or go fruit picking in a warm and sunny orchard 🍒. 

Already a tea club member? Take advantage of your discount on loose leaf tea!

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