Bagged vs. Loose Leaf Tea:

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Did you know that tea bags are made with dust and fannings left over from tea production? Drinking loose leaf tea ensures you are getting the highest quality of tea, flavor, and health benefit because you are consuming the entire leaf, not just the leftovers.

See the example below!

The sencha green tea on the left is tea from a tea bag. The sencha green tea on the right is our loose leaf tea! While teabags are loved for their convenience, preparing loose leaf tea actually doesn't require many more steps than bagged tea. And plus, the extra few steps in preparing loose leaf are worth it because your tea will just taste SO much better.

This is where infusers come in!

Stainless Steel Infuser

We call this the must-have infuser for a reason! It's reusable and good for the environment, it literally lasts forever and it brings out the best flavors. Some more cool things about it:

  • This infuser can make an 8 oz serving or a 64 oz serving depending on how many leaves you add!
  • It has fine enough grating to prevent even the finest tea from leaking into your cup.
  • It's durable! Unlike some infusers that wear out over time, this infuser is built to last. 


Perfect Cup of Tea Spoon

Turquoise Manaus Cast Iron Teapot

Olive Wood Honey Dipper

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