choosing goals to get the most out of the season

💖 Self discipline is an

act of self love 💖

Spring is the season of new beginnings, new growth, and a time for planting new seeds in your life. 🌱 The air is buzzing with growth, energy and potential; the only ingredients you need to make some power moves! 

Let's be honest, creating a long list of things you need to do or want to be is overwhelming. So this Spring, instead of setting a long, unattainable list of intentions you want to plant, try tackling ONE totally achievable goal at a time. This is where discipline comes in; once you have achieved your one goal, you have GROWN, and this is a powerful accomplishment that only motivates and inspires you to grow once again. 


"The only thing stopping you, is you. You can do, grow, BE anything you want. It’s all about believing in yourself & not getting in your own way."

Inspiration for your spring intentions.

Check out our list of growth goals to inspire you this Spring!


Goal 1: Immerse yourself in nature.

Nature is medicine! Studies show that sunshine, fresh air, and inhaling the monoterpenes (which are basically essential oils) emitted by plants can have lasting effects on our health. Forest bathing is quickly gaining recognition for its impact on stress hormone levels and is proving to decrease risk of diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's. Feel the effects of nature on the brain by taking a walk outside next time you feel anxious or are tackling a problem. Sunshine, fresh air, and plants can soothe negative feelings and boost our cognitive capacity to get creative and problem solve!

Get inspired.


More Nature: Less Worry

  • Watch something grow: buy yourself a new plant to enliven your indoor space or get your garden ready for spring. This process symbolizes your new beginning and your dedication to taking care of not just yourself, but something else this season.
  • Take a daily walk outside - even if it is just a short stroll to clear your mind. 
  • Take your pet to the park or out to play each week so you both can reap the healing benefits of being in nature.

Goal 2: Focus on your health.

Health is the dynamic result of all the small choices we make throughout the day. Simple and easy things can impact our overall wellness - like drinking an adequate amount of water, resting when needed, or eating until we are only about 75% full. You probably don't need a new diet, a time-consuming exercise regiment, or a full lifestyle makeover, but rather small habitual changes to nourish your overall wellness.

Get inspired.


More Good Habits: Less Guilt

  • Reach your step goal 5 out of 7 days in the week
  • Set hydration goals for the day and know how much water you should drink by noon, by 3 pm, and by 6 pm so you aren't chugging to catch up right before bed.
  • Set a bedtime and stick to it.
  • Eat slower and beware of overeating. Chew each bite more thoughtfully, take breaths or drink water in between bites, and allow yourself to feel the fullness food gives you before going back for more.
  • Park further away, take stairs over the elevator, walk to places instead of driving, and take any opportunity to move during the day. 

Goal 3: Make your home a sanctuary.

Home is where you unwind, recharge, and find comfort. Making your home a sanctuary doesn't need to be expensive or super time consuming, but can be done with a little thoughtfulness and intention. 

Get inspired.


Improve Your Space: Improve Your "Me" Time

  • Make a little space in your home that is a positive energy only space. Designate a little nook or corner for yourself, or even dedicate a place outside where there is plenty of sunlight. Use this area to meditate, read, or just relax.
  • Add your favorite candle or essential oil diffuser to each room. Choose aromas that make your feel happy and calm.
  • Decorate a room in your home with colors that inspire creativity and happiness. Always keep the space tidy, clean and clutter free. Make it your area to get creative, reset and refocus, or to take a nap!

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