Yummy, Easy, & "Save"-ory
by Morgan Switzer-McGinley
When I first met my now husband, he had this novel of a celeb cookbook at his house. I won't name her (cough RR cough cough) but it was crazy. There wasn't a recipe in the book that was less than 12 ingredients, and some of which I don't think are even things. Were they from a fantasy novel?
I said, "Nope - this gal isn't gonna have me running all over the place looking for a unicorn horn to make pickled peaches. I can make something just as good without all that fuss, and money."
We get it. Struggling to manage family-time, budgets, jobs, and grocery shopping, even in lock down, can get overwhelming. So here's the answer, shhhh, listen in . . . our simple 3 - 5 ingredient recipes are here! The tastes can't be beat, and the time savings (plus budget savings) are something to drool over. 
Let's get grillin'! Overall zucchini seems to still be easy to find in stores if your gardener's thumb didn't work out this season. For these easy-peasy Grilled Chicken breasts and Zucchini slices you'll need:
Check out my Chicken -
  1. Coat the chicken with oil and seasoning.
  2. Heat grill to medium/high and grill chicken for 7 - 8 mins each side (depending on thickness). Boomsauce!
Zummy Zucchini -
  1. Cut zucchini lengthwise into 4 - 5 strips.
  2. Coat them with the oil and the seasoning.
  3. Grill on medium/high for 5 mins each side. Make sure you have nice grill marks to wow your guests or family with your skills.
Looking to get these perfectly-matched spices, buy here: www.oldbarreltea.com and we'll ship on out to you!  Now THAT's easy! 💚

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