Try the Forest Bathing Essential Oil Blend with these dynamic twisting poses; release the old and welcome the new year with a positive mindset!

equal parts lavender, cedarwood atlas, frankincense

Forest Bathing Essential Oil Blend

snow dusted pine ∙ cold air ∙ tree sap

This essential oil combination is reminiscent of an enchanting evergreen forest dusted in snow, as the scent of a forest floor and cold earth evoke a sense of harmony and balance. The blend can be used during meditation to ground the body and clear the mind. This combination reminds us to listen to and nourish our bodies. The three oils work together to create a peaceful and still environment while nourishing the skin and boosting immunity.

As the new year begins, we look forward to what’s to come, and celebrate and release the past. This month we will pair our Forest Bathing Essential Oil Blend with a dynamic yoga flow to boost the mind and body during this transitional time. Dynamic movement is meant to warm the body, while twists help flush out toxins and stimulate blood circulation. All good things post-holiday season! During your practice focus on moving briskly, breathing deeply, and welcoming the new year!


1. Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

Stand with your feet hip width apart, toes pointing straight ahead. Inhale, sweep your arms out and up overhead, palms face each other. Exhale, bend your knees, pull your hips back and shift your weight into your heels so that you can see your toes. Lift your chest and engage your core. Add movement: exhale, twist, and swing your arms to the side. Inhale, sweep your arms up overhead. Exhale, twist and swing your arms to the opposite side. Repeat for 5 to 7 rounds. This pose is challenging and fun! Let those thighs tingle.

2. Core Waves (Down Dog to Plank)

Start on all fours, table top. Tuck your toes under and straighten your legs. From plank pose, press your hips back, draw the belly in, legs straight so your body looks like an upside-down V.  Add movement: inhale, lift the heels, and roll forward like a wave into plank. Exhale, chin to chest, and push the floor away and slowly roll one vertebrae at a time back to downward dog. Repeat 5 to 7 rounds. Stretch those hamstrings and strengthen your spine!

3. Reclining Hero Pose (Supta Virasana)

Kneel on the earth, with your thighs perpendicular to the floor. Touch your inner knees together and slide your feet apart. Tops of the feet flat on the floor. Slowly sit back halfway, with your torso leaning slightly forward. Draw the calf muscles toward the heels. Sit down between your feet. If your buttocks don’t comfortably rest on the floor, raise them on a block or pillow. Turn your thighs inward and rest here. Exhale and lower your back torso toward the floor. First lean onto your hands, then your forearms and elbows. Release your lower back and recline onto the floor or supported blanket. Add movement: inhale, raise your arms overhead on the floor. Exhale, release your hands back to the earth. Great for digestion and relieves tired legs!

4. Garland Pose (Malasana)

Come to stand with your feet about mat’s width apart. Bend the knees and lower your butt towards the floor. Take your upper arms inside your knees and bend the elbows to bring the palms together into Anjali mudra. Keep your spine straight and your shoulders down and away from your ears. Add movement: inhale, one hand to the earth and extend the other towards the sky. Exhale, spread your wings and feel the opening of the chest. Hold 5 to 7 breaths, repeat on other side. Open your hips and groin, breathe into this deep yoga squat.

5. Crescent Lunge Variation

Begin in a low forward lunge with the back leg extended straight back. Begin to twist the torso towards the leg that is lunged forward. Place one hand on the earth, bend the back knee, and reach for the foot or ankle with your opposite hand. Add movement: by adding the twist, your chest will open, and invigorate the entire body. Spice up your lunge!

6. Gate Pose (Parighasana)

Kneel on the floor and stretch one leg out and press that foot to the floor. Keep bent knee in alignment with your hip. Inhale, bring your arms out to your sides, parallel to the earth. Bend over to the plane of the extended leg and lay your hand down on the shin, ankle or floor. Add movement: inhale back to center and exhale into a side bend on the opposite side. Repeat 5 to 7 rounds. Stretch the sides of the torso and spine and stimulate your abdominal organs.

7. Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

Begin in mountain pose, feet slightly apart, below your sit bones. Bend both knees, lift one foot up and slowly wrap it around the opposite thigh. As you wrap the foot around your thigh, curl your foot behind the opposite calf. Reach both arms out in front of you and wrap your opposite arm and place the elbow over the upper arm. Slide your hands in front of your face, cross your forearms and press your palms together. Hold this for 5 to 7 breaths. Return to mountain pose and repeat on other side. Add movement: inhale, lift the elbows towards the sky. Exhale, crunch your core, and bring the elbows towards your knees. Lean into the discomfort and experience the freedom in the release.

Namaste friends.

We hope you have a lovely day!

These poses and pose descriptions were generously provided by our favorite yogi, Ashley. Ashley is a Ruidoso, NM, based instructor who loves teaching, traveling, and tea!

Keep up with Ashley on Instagram:


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