Forest Bathing Essential Oil Blend

Forest Bathing Essential Oil Blend

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100% Pure Essential Oils

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil ∙ Frankincense Essential Oil  ∙ Lavender Essential Oil

Aromatic Description:

snow dusted pine • tree sap • wild herbs


This essential oil combination is reminiscent of an enchanting evergreen forest dusted in snow, as the scent of a forest floor and cold earth evoke a sense of harmony and balance. The blend can be used during meditation to ground the body and clear the mind. This combination reminds us to listen to and nourish our bodies during the cold winter months. The three oils work together to create a peaceful and still environment while nourishing the skin and boosting immunity. Enjoy 10% off this month only.


  • Combine Lavender and Frankincense with a carrier oil and vitamin E to use as a face oil for nourishment and moisturization during the cold winter months!

  • Use Frankincense and Cedarwood in a non scented lotion or cream to massage into the bottoms of your feet to feel grounded and rested.

  • Diffuse all three oils together while relaxing, taking a bath or reading to promote feelings of peace and comfort.

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