Trust us, you need this.

Meet our favorite little glass teapot.

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Glass Teapot

34 fl oz glass teapot with a stainless steel infuser ➝

perfect for brewing two cups of tea

This is our favorite little teapot. The infuser is large enough that tea leaves can fully unfurl, but has a fine enough grating that no leaves will leak into your brew.

Brew tea for two in this pretty little teapot.

Hot tea blends we love.


Christmas Cabin

Chocolate. Mint. Coffee.

Energizing & Digestion Boosting.

Pumpkin Pie Chai

Creamy. Decadent Pumpkin. Cinnamon.

Naturally Caffeine Free & Comforting.

Lavenderose Chamomint

Herbs. Vanilla. Mint.

Soothes Body & Mind.

Enchanted Lavender Earl Grey

Lavender. Cream. Citrus. 

Energizing & Calming.

Green Chile Biscochito

Shortbread. Anise. Green Chile.

Boosts Mental Focus & Immunity.

Chocolate Orange Pu Erh

Rich Chocolate. Citrus. Earth.

Promotes Digestion & Focus.

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