TEA 101

how to make the perfect cup of tea

Mindful Brewing.

Making a cup of tea can be more than just waiting on tea leaves to steep. The process of preparing a cup of tea can be a mindfulness ritual; a simple and easy routine to help us practice being present.

You only need a few tools, a few minutes and some honey if you'd like! Here are a few tips and our favorite tools for our favorite daily self-care routine...

Brew Better.

Tip #1: Water Quality

 The better quality the water, the better your tea will taste. Use filtered or spring water if possible.

Tip #2: Water Temperature

Depending on the tea, suggested water temperature for steeping may vary.  For example, Green Tea, White Tea, and Yerba Maté are quite delicate and call for lower temperatures (160 - 180 ℉), while Black Tea, Pu Erh Tea, and Herbal blends are best prepared in hotter water (195 - 212 ℉).

Tip #3: Measurement

For most blends, 1-2 teaspoons of tea per 8 oz of water is a good measurement of tea. If you prefer a stronger brew you can try 3 - 4 teaspoons of tea.  

Tip #4: Steep Time

Each tea calls for a different steep time. Steep tea for the amount of time on your label.

Tip #5: Prepare the Cup

Some blends are lovely served hot and unsweetened, and others are wonderful with honey and dash of cream! Check out our website, or refer to the label on your tea for our brew tips. Don't be afraid to experiment though - everyone's palate is different! 

Tip #6: Re-Steep

Re-steep your tea leaves up to 3 times; just steep the blend a little longer each time!

Perfect Cup of Tea Spoon

This spoon is incredibly handy! We keep these little tea spoons in our tea corners, ready to measure out tea leaves when making ourselves a cuppa!

Stainless Steel Infuser

  • You're not restricted to a single serving of tea: this infuser can make an 8 oz serving or a 64 oz serving depending on how many leaves you add!
  • It has fine enough grating to prevent even the finest tea from leaking into your cup
  • It's durable: unlike some infusers that wear out after time this infuser is built to last.

Happy Tea Time Friends!

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