With blends for the season, inspired by all things springtime.

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In case you missed it...

Tea Club includes 6 blends that capture the spirit of the season and our Spring Tea Club shipped out on March 15th! If you are sad you missed it, no worries friend, you can sign up today and we will add you to the list for the Summer Tea Club shipment!

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Here are the blends we included in the Spring Tea Club


Banana Bread Coffee Pu Erh


Pu erh tea, rooibos, banana chips, Durango Coffee Co. ground and whole bean coffee, marigold flowers, cinnamon chips and natural flavors.

Enjoy on cool mornings or on chilly days in early spring. This blend is perfect for the final days spent on the slopes! ⛷

Mango Paradise


Sencha green tea, mango pieces, coconut, blue cornflowers and natural flavors.

If you're dreaming of your spring break vacation, close your eyes and sip on this tropical blend served iced. 🥥

Lavenderose Chamomint


Dried lavender buds, rose petals, chamomile, peppermint and vanilla rooibos.

This blend is herbaceous, floral and soothing, just like spring afternoons spent in the garden. 🌷

Blueberry & Apple Empanada


Apple Empanada: honeybush tea, red rooibos, apple pieces, cinnamon chips and natural flavors.

Blueberry: blueberries, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, apple pieces and natural flavors.

This combination is reminiscent of a sangria! Enjoy on a sunny afternoon spent with friends. 🫐

Prickly Pear & Wild Strawberry


Prickly Pear: green rooibos, sencha green tea, hibiscus, pear pieces, safflower and natural flavors.

Wild Strawberry: white tea, rooibos tea, apple pieces, hibiscus flowers, blueberries, strawberries, blue cornflowers, rose petals and natural flavors.

With a flavor as surprising as the fluctuating spring weather, this combination reminds us of watermelon and white chocolate covered strawberries. 🍓

White Peach & Jasmine White Monkey


White Peach: white tea, peach pieces, calendula petals and natural flavors.

Jasmine White Monkey: white monkey green tea and jasmine flowers.

This blend is the perfect outdoor recreation companion for the season! Prepare iced and carry along with you for bike rides, hikes and picnics. 🚲



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