SerendipiTEA Hand-Poured Candles

Ever walk into one of our stores and wonder why it smells so good?


Handmade by the matriarch of our OBTC family, these candles are heavenly and will fill your entire space with a beautiful aroma. They will burn approximately 48 hours, and each and every one of them is triple scented and hand poured with love into glass mason jars so that you can see the brilliant color of the wax. 🌈 

These candles have wood wicks that make a lovely-soothing crackling sound when you burn them. The crackling sound is peaceful to listen to while relaxing, reading, or working. Don't forget to trim the wick before you burn each time to get the maximum burn time!

Did You Know?

The smell of a scented candle stimulates the part of your brain which is connected to memory and mood. The soft illumination helps calm us and helps to achieve a meditative state.

give your home a signature scent

with one of our faves: 🔥

Bee Pollen

rich honey ∙ warm vanilla ∙ fresh sunshine

Texas Sweet Tea

sweet bourbon ∙ citrus undertones ∙ vintage amber

Resting Beach Face

seagrass ∙ dried coconut ∙ ocean waves

Lavender Honey

herb garden ∙ comfy cozy ∙ sweet musk

Repurposing Your Candle Jar:

To get the remaining leftover wax out from your jar, pour hot (not boiling) water into your jar, and the water will melt the candle wax, causing it to float to the surface of the container. Let cool completely before removing the wax and strain the water and remaining candle bits so you can avoid getting wax in the sink drain. Break wax into small pieces to melt down later in a wax warmer!

Ways To Reuse and Reduce Waste: 

  1. Use your jar as a vase for flowers picked from the garden!
  2. Use as a planter for a mini herb garden!  It can be mounted on the wall, or set on a counter where there’s plenty of sunlight for easily accessible herbs while cooking.
  3. Make your own DIY snow globe with kids! You can even change up the objects inside to match any season.
  4. Make a mini chandelier or table lamp with fairy lights tucked inside the jar
  5. Use as a to-go salad container. Add your dressing and wet ingredients at the bottom, then leafy greens go on top. Shake when you are ready to eat!

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