Merry Christmas friends,

We cannot believe how quickly 2019 flew by! It was a year full of opportunities and adventures we couldn't have anticipated. This makes us so excited to see what next year has in store for us. While we have many plans and dreams, our main goal is to grow ethically and to continue to find new ways to fall in love with living well!

Today we are so grateful for all of you!  When we get emails from guests eagerly asking if a certain blend is back in stock, or telling us how a particular tea has impacted their lifestyle, we know we have loyal customers who are as passionate about tea as we are! We also wanted to say thank you for all the sweet notes left for us at checkout - we really do read them, share them with our team, and they genuinely do make our day! 

Today we wanted to share a few tips for making this Christmas feel like a real holiday. You deserve one!

Here we go…

Sweat the small stuff or feed negative conversation.
Listen to others, have compassion, and laugh easily.
Over indulge in food or drink, or do either out of boredom.
Feel gratitude and pleasure with every bite, enjoy without guilt, and listen to your body.
Waste your day scrolling on your phone or checking emails.
Engage in activities with your family, indulge in self-care you normally don't have time for, and try to relax.


Wishing you all a truly joy-filled Christmas!

The OBTC Family

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