MAY 2022

Happy May friends! I hope that if you received some April showers, you were rewarded with May flowers. :) Last month, we focused on sustainability, National Gardening Day, and Earth day. If you purchased one of the Grow Kits last month, I hope you are seeing some sprouts - I know I am anxiously awaiting some!

We are excited to share our monthly theme with you soon - I know it is something I have had to address a few times myself. In the meantime, take a look at the products we are enjoying this month.

Check out our products of the month below! 👇

Tea Blend of the Month: Superfood Golden Milk

SUPERFOOD GOLDEN MILK is blended with turmeric powder, maca powder, moringa powder, Vietnamese ground cinnamon, beet powder, cocoa powder, and ground black pepper.

This decadent wellness booster is creamy and rich with a subtle spice! We call our Golden Milk a superfood blend because it is made with ingredients that improve health and reduce risk of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, and heart disease. It might taste indulgent, but it packs a powerful punch of medicinal benefits!

We like to whisk this blend into hot or cold water until Superfood Golden Milk is evenly dissolved. It is lovely served with honey and frothed cream!

Spice of the Month: Thirteenth Wonder

Our THIRTEENTH WONDER is blended with garlic, onion, black pepper, and sea salt.

It is a simple and versatile blend that will be your right-hand spice for all savory dishes. Use on literally anything: meats, veggies, eggs, soups, and stews.

This month, we featured the Thirteenth Wonder in Balsamic Brussel Sprouts and Walnuts. Check out the recipe below! 👇


Essential Oil Blend of the Month: Nirvana Essential Oil Blend

This essential oil combination awakens the senses and encourages feelings of happiness and bliss! It captures the aroma of early summer, as citrus fruits are coming into season while a sense of carefree playfulness sweeps over the earth. The three oils work together to relieve stress and to energize and refresh your space. Jump right into summertime and diffuse all three oils together to embrace the warm weather and this sweet season of life. We like to use 3 drops of BERGAMOT ESSENTIAL OIL, 2 drops of PINK GRAPEFRUIT ESSENTIAL OIL, and 2 drops of SWEET ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL.

These three oils can be used together or separately, but for the month of February, when you buy all three together you get 10% off!  Be sure to look out for our DIY email later this month with these three oils.

Click the link below for some tips and tricks you can do with this blend to up your relaxation game!

Here's to a great May! April was a little finicky as far as weather goes. I am hoping that May brings some sunshine and cool breezes to help boost all of our spirits in the final stretch of spring! We hope to see your bright, smiling faces in store this month to try out some of these products.

I hope you all have an exceptional May! 🌱

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