JUNE 2021

Happy June friends! I hope May brought you some lovely May flowers - I know my green plant babes produced many new leaves, propagations, and sprouts, all of which I was ecstatic about! This month, what are you celebrating or enjoying? Is it a fresh summer start or break? A graduation celebration? Or just some time off, or a vacay? Either way, we have some great products that we're enjoying and loving this month that we hope will bring some joy into your June! Check them out below! 👇

Tea Blend of the Month: Mountain Sunrise & Blueberry

MOUNTAIN SUNRISE & BLUEBERRY is naturally caffeine free and blended with blueberries, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, apple pieces, green rooibos tea, marigold flowers, orange peels, mango pieces, and natural flavors. This blend is fruit-forward, with a subtle nuttiness that is naturally sweet and tangy. We drink this blend to get antioxidants, support immunity, reduce inflammation, soothe aches and pains, and calm the mind and body.

Spice of the Month: Jamaican Jerk

JAMAICAN JERK is blended with salt, onion, sugar, black pepper, allspice, thyme, cayenne, cinnamon, nutmeg, bay leaves, and green onion. We like to use this seasoning as a dry rub or as a marinade on pork or chicken before cooking.

Check out our Jamaican Jerk in a Chicken Street Tacos below. 👇


Essential Oil Blend of the Month: Zesty Woodlands

This blend is made up of Pine Needle Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, and Tea Tree Essential oil. We like to use 2 parts PINE NEEDLE, 1 part SWEET ORANGE, and 1 part TEA TREE.

These three oils can be used together or separately, but this month only, when you buy all three together you get 10% off!  

Click the link below for some DIY tricks you can do with this blend to get the most relaxation from it!


I hope your June is warm and restful and full of iced tea! Don't forget - our SEASONAL TEA CLUB SUBSCRIPTION BOX ships out June 15th, filled will our favorite blends of the season. You do NOT want to miss out!  Sign up today!

đŸŒ± Maggie & the OBTC TEA(m)

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