All of us at OBTC love PU ERH TEAS, but IRISH PU ERH is quite unique.
  • It is a bright, fruit-forward, refreshing spin on a Pu Erh Tea blend
  • It is a great workout companion and fitness boosting blend
  • It's ingredients are not Irish in origin but it was inspired by a cute little tea shop in Dublin and is now one of our team favorites.

Our Irish Pu Erh was inspired by a blend from Peacock Green, a quaint little tea shop Bailey, one of our owners, found while traveling through Ireland.

Bailey says, "Being a Pu Erh lover, I immediately gravitated towards the small selection of Pu Erh teas. A tea blended with Pu Erh, YERBA MATÉ, and LEMONGRASS caught my eye because those are some of my favorite ingredients but I had never tasted them blended together."

Most of our Pu Erh  blends are woodsy, earthy, and more dessert-like (i.e. CHOCOLATE ORANGE PU ERH, PECAN PIE PU ERH, etc.). In contrast, this Pu Erh blend was bright, refreshing, and fruity.

Peacock Green calls their blend "Pu Erh Fitness Tea," which is very fitting for this blend!

  • Pu Erh Tea - A fermented tea, containing the same probiotics and microbes as yogurt. Pu Erh tea helps with digestion, metabolism, bloating and weight loss.
  • Yerba Mate - High in caffeine, Yerba Mate gives you energy without the jitters or a crash associated with the caffeine in coffee. It is also a great natural  fat burner.
  • Lemongrass - An anti-inflammatory - helps relieve pain in joints and sore muscles.

​​After enjoying a daily cup during her stay in Ireland, Bailey came home with a small sample to share with Paola, our OBTC Herbalist and Master Tea Blender. When Paola mastered the recreation, the blend quickly became a staff favorite. Paola asked Bailey what the blend should be called but, after several months of planning and discussing the blend, it felt like it already had a name: Irish Pu Erh.

Irish Pu Erh is now one of our favorite blends to enjoy iced and unsweetened, but is also great with a spoonful of Cat's Claw/Mesquite or Orange Blossom honey. This blend is balanced with the woodsiness of Pu Erh, the brightness of Yerba Mate, herb-y Lemongrass, sweet apple and tart rose hips.

Bailey reached out to Peacock Green to let them know we loved the blend so much we had to recreate it in the United States. We keep up with this cute little tea shop on Instagram now and will hopefully be back to visit them with a sample of our version of Pu Erh Fitness Tea!

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