with lavenderose chamomint and cotton honey

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Sleep is so important for your health! The first step to getting good sleep is to establish a night time routine. Brewing a cup of tea is the perfect addition to your routine because it soothes the senses and can promote a deep and restful sleep. Turn off the electronics for the night and check out our go-to bedtime brew recipe that you can make tonight.

This bedtime brew recipe is sure to satisfy with our Lavenderose Chamomint tea shining in the spotlight. The light and delicate florals produce a heavenly aroma as ingredients like chamomile and lavender relieve stress and provide calming effects. Sweetened with a touch of our Cotton Honey, and a dropper full of our Knockout P.M. Tincture, this brew will send your mind and body to the clouds for the evening. Check out the quick and simple recipe below.

All The Tools You Need To Get Started:

Lavenderose Chamomint

Cotton Honey

Knockout P.M. Tincture



  1. Boil your water and steep your Lavenderose Chamomint for 10 minutes.
  2. While the tea is hot, add your Cotton Honey and stir until dissolved.
  3. Add a dropper full of Knockout P.M. Tincture and stir.
  4. Add a splash of oat milk and snuggle up for the night.

Tips and Tricks To Up Your Sleep Game

  • Write down a to-do list or even a “to worry about" list in the late afternoon or early evening. This will help clear your mind and reduce worries that often have a way of creeping up just as you are trying to fall asleep.
  • Cut the caffeine at lunch. Drinking caffeine after lunch time can interfere with your ability to go and stay asleep.
  • Power off all electronic devices 60 minutes prior to bedtime. If you have a last minute need to be on a device, wear blue light glasses or use a blue light blocking app.
  • Make your bed every day and keep your bedroom feeling fresh and tidy. It's much more inviting to crawl into a made-up bed at bedtime—and according to the National Sleep Foundation, 62% of people believe a clean bedroom makes a difference in how well they sleep.



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