Roasted Chestnuts

with NM All Purpose Seasoning

🎶 chestnuts roasting on an open fire 🎶

Check out this roasted chestnut recipe that is as delightful and cozy as the classic Christmas song.

Good news: it is super easy to roast chestnuts.

Ok-ish news: in this recipe we won't be roasting over an open fire.

BUT that doesn't mean you can't roast them over an open fire if you prefer. 😉

Seasoned with our spice of the month, NM All Purpose Seasoning, these chestnuts are buttery, smooth and have just the right amount of New Mexican flair. Plus, they are super nostalgic and will make the biggest grinch embrace the holiday spirit.

Check out the recipe below.

What you will need from us


New Mexico All Purpose Seasoning

This seasoning is made with fire roasted Hatch, NM, green chile and red chile, roasted bell peppers and spices. It is an excellent spice to have for all your New Mexican holiday dishes.



  • Preheat oven to 425°F.
  • Wash and dry your chestnuts and slice an X into the flat side of each chestnut. The bigger the X, the easier it will be to peel!
  • Place chestnuts in a single layer on a baking tray, with the X facing up.
  • Roast chestnuts for about 15-20 minutes. They are done when you start to smell their nutty aroma and when their shells begin to curl. Same thing applies if you are roasting on an open fire. (Tiny chestnuts may only take 7-10 minutes to roast, while large ones may take up to 20 minutes.)
  • Remove chestnuts from oven and immediately start peeling them with a tea towel or heat-resistant gloves to protect your hands. (Peeling completely cooled chestnuts is really hard!)
  • Once peeled, you can cut the larger ones in half if desired, then toss the chestnuts with butter or olive oil and NM All Purpose Seasoning.

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Hatch Green Chile Powder - Hatch, New Mexico

Hatch Red Chile Powder - Hatch, New Mexico

Dana's All Purpose Seasoning

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