to stock your medicine cabinet with:

Try Dulce Sueños tea to sleep better at night.

One of its key ingredients, Valerian Root, is commonly called "nature's sedative." This blend will help you feel more relaxed, soothe aches, and pains and get you ready for a restorative night of deep sleep.

Try Throat tea to soothe your cough or scratchy throat.

This blend will help to coat a sore throat, relieve pain, and promote immunity. We generally think of this blend during cold and flu season, but is wonderful all year round.

Try Leche De Mama tea to promote breast milk production.

This blend will help increase breastmilk production and add wellness-boosting nutrients to the milk supply! It also helps tone uterine tissue, boost the immune system, and reduce inflammation.

Try NaughTEA to boost your libido.

This libido boosting blend promotes healthy hormone function, blood flow, and will help you relax.

Try Hormonal Balance tea to alleviate stress & improve mood.

This blend is great for building strong bones, hair, nails, and teeth! It also helps combat depression, is high in Vitamin C, and helps alleviate headaches.

Try Tummy tea to soothe an upset stomach & promote digestion.

This blend promotes digestion, reduces bloating and gas, combats nausea, and soothes an achy belly.

Add these to your natural remedies arsenal. ⬇︎

Avocado Honey

One of our favorites to keep in the medicine cabinet for minor wounds or the occasional honey facial!

Immunity Now Tincture

Add to tea to support immune function and elevate your wellness!

Green Chile Fuego Cider

This spicy remedy has a wide range of benefits for digestion, immunity, and energy levels!

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  • Mel

    I have been buying your Throat Apothecary Tea since I visited your store on a trip to New Mexico. Sadly I don’t live in New Mexico so I had been ordering it online. I have been recommending this tea to everyone I know but now when I try to view it says 404 page not found? Is it just out of stock or are you no longer selling it? If so it is the perfect tea when you’re sick and I hope you start selling it again.

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