It's our birthday!

We are celebrating!

This weekend we are celebrating 4 years in Durango, CO!

Our Story.

4 years ago we opened our loose leaf tea shop in downtown Durango, in what most locals and visitors remember as the Stuarts building. This building was our first big project as a small business. The building itself was layered with decades of interior design trends: carpet, linoleum tile, plaster on the walls, and drop ceilings. But we knew the Stuarts building was actually very old and had original brick walls and wood floors underneath the surface layers. 
In our attempt to uncover the beauty that hid underneath, we spent way more time and money than we really had. And at the time, we were really nervous! We like to think of this lesson as a tuition we had to pay to learn about the unexpected expenses associated with restoring something historic. We did everything we could with our own hands and spent many late nights painting, repairing, and readying the shop for our grand opening. It took us about 8 months from the time we found the Stuarts building to get to the grand opening.
We opened on May 9th, with the help of our entire family, several friends, and a small team of new employees. The community reception was incredible. The local chamber of commerce came out to do a ribbon cutting and filled our shop with customers on our very first day open. 
Now, we are so proud of this beautiful tea shop, with its quintessential Durango aesthetic: rustic, bold, and charming. We love the Durango community, because Durango seems to be just as flavor and wellness obsessed as we are!

Thanks for helping us grow.

We are so grateful to those who embraced us, and for our Durango team, who fills the tea shop with playfulness, intelligence, and kindness.
Take a tour of the Durango location with our manager, who we love like a brother, Bret!

Get Directions.

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