wild strawberry tea

+ methods for the best brew

Delicately sweet & floral.

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Our Wild Strawberry tea has subtle hibiscus, rose, blueberry and strawberry flavors and has a natural sweetness to it, making it a wonderful tea to make iced in the warming spring months. 

The ingredients in this blend gently detoxify the body, protect against premature aging and provide the body with lots of antioxidants.

We recommend serving Wild Strawberry iced, with just a touch of Orange Blossom Honey and fresh strawberries to garnish.

Wild Strawberry

With white tea, rooibos tea, apple pieces, hibiscus flowers, blueberries, strawberries, blue cornflowers, rose petals, and natural flavors.


Try blending with Blueberry Tea to add a tangy hibiscus and blueberry flavor! 

Soak in the sun on warm with these tea blends:

Honeysuckle Blossom Oolong

Lavender Sage Lemonade

White Peach

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