Who are we?
We're a family from New Mexico, obsessed with flavor, and focused on living well. The matriarch of our family, Dana, is a cancer survivor, so living a healthy lifestyle is important to us. BUT we are also serious foodies, craft cocktail connoisseurs, and loose leaf tea addicts.
Left to right: Dana, Nenada, Bailey & Paola
Our blends.
We blend all of our tea in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our blends are inspired by the Southwest, travel, and flavors we enjoyed growing up. We pride ourselves on creating products that are both healthy and delicious, so you'll crave them everyday. We might be the only tea company that has a Tropical Cinnamon Sangria blend or a Banana Bread Coffee Pu Erh or Green Chile Biscochito... and we like it like that.
Our tea shops.

We opened our first location in the Southern New Mexican mountain town of Ruidoso. We started with just 12 types of tea and a few cases of honey. The building we started in was huge and we barely had enough inventory to fill a table. So we filled the space with wine barrels and antiques. Since then we've expanded into communities we want to visit often, so you'll find us in only the cutest little communities in the Southwestern United States.

See all tea shop locations here.

Meet our team.


The girl who knows EVERYTHING. Maggie writes our monthly newsletter, responds to all customer emails and manages our online store. But she does more than that; she helps just about every department and we sort of consider her the communication bridge between all of us here at OBTC.

If you ever have a question, feel free to reach out to Maggie here.

The playful spirit who organizes and leads (we know it feels contradictory but it is true). Kourt oversees all store operations and makes sure we have a plan for everything. You want to see someone go ham on a spreadsheet, Kourt is your gal. When there is a need, she's got a system and a strategy. Oh and she's got feedback too (with jokes) so we can do things smarter next time.

The dreamer who cooks, makes tea, does all the DIYs and then shares the inspo via email and social. Hannah is our marketing team lead and writes for our email program and manages our social pages. Hannah is clever, artistic and always up for a challenge. She eats up every task thrown at her with a voracious appetite for creativity. Keep up with all the fun.


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Come see us at the tea shop to try our loose leaf tea.

We're brewing something different everyday. ☺︎


  • Leigh Overbey

    Looking forward to trying your products.

  • Lisa

    I stopped at your store in Boulder and tried a sample of the Coconut Limoncello and was hooked! I am an iced tea drinker and the lovely ladies at the shop told me exactly how to brew it cold. I can’t tell you how much I Love, Love, Love the flavor of this tea!

  • Laura

    I’m absolutely in love with this tea shop. I grew up drinking tea and it’s always been a favorite beverage. I accidentally stumbled into the shop in Boulder, CO looking for a gift for someone for the holidays. I only bought a tumbler and a jar of honey. But the honey was so good I had to come back for more. Before I went in, I visited the website and I was so curious about the apple empanada. When I went back to the store, I bought a tin of the apple empanada and some Mexican vanilla honey. The combination was like apple pie a la mode in a cup and I instantly fell in love. I now buy tea a couple of times a month. I love to share with coworkers and friends. Every single one of us, absolutely loves all the tea we’ve tried. The mate tea has now replaced my morning cup of coffee because the energy from the tea is perfect. I find that I can wake up and have a focused energy without the crash at two o’clock in the afternoon. One of my friends now drinks less energy drinks because of the mate tea. She is so happy that she gets the energy she needs not only from a healthier source but from something that actually provides health benefits. My only disappointment is that I have a lot of stomach issues and the tummy apothecary has been discontinued. I’m very sad because the tea has helped immensely. But other than that, I have no complaints, I only have praise for the best tea I’ve ever had!!!

  • Karin

    What are the natural flavors found in your teas? Natural flavors can mean many things these days. I’m trying to rest and drink as clean as possible.

  • Jayford E.

    Please include your caffeine information properly on your website as well as your packaging. Consumers with anxiety disorders need this information to make good purchases and to consume caffeinated drinks responsibly. People with heart conditions also need to know this. Thanks.

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