These tumblers were designed by our friend and artist, Jocelyn Rose. The artwork depicted on the tumblers represents a charitable cause chosen by each of our company's four owners. Rather than being donated to an organization, the money raised by these tumblers will be used to directly support the causes we are passionate about.

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ChariTEA Tumbler

Fighting Cancer Together

Dana, the matriarch of our tea family and a three-time cancer survivor, designed this mug to support patients and families impacted by cancer.

With the money raised by this ChariTEA Tumbler, Dana will visit patients in cancer treatment centers to donate customized care packages that reflect the often forgotten struggles of cancer patients.

ChariTEA Tumbler

Supporting American Sign Language and Interpreters in Rural Communities 

One of our founders, Bailey, started her career in American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting and quickly found that rural communities struggled to recruit interpreters to provide services for Deaf students. 

With the money raised by her ChariTEA, Bailey will create a scholarships for interpreters who will work with Deaf students in rural communities. The image on this tumbler depicts the signs TEACH and GROW.

ChariTEA Tumbler

Supporting Mexican Orphanages

Paola, our herbalist and master blender, immigrated from Mexico to America at the age of six, and is passionate about giving back to the children suffering extreme poverty just across the border.

With the money raised by her ChariTEA Tumbler, Paola will visit Mexican orphanages to share toys, books, clothing, and essential items to the children in need across orphanages in Chihuahua, Mexico.

ChariTEA Tumbler

Advocating for Proactive Mental Health

Nenada, our operations director, lost her father to suicide when she was young. She recalls feeling that mental health felt too taboo to talk about, which is what makes prevention so challenging. Her goal is to shed the shame associated with mental health by having honest discussions and advocating for children in need of mental health services.

With the money raised by her ChariTEA, Nenada will provide the financial support for mental health services for children in need.

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