Practice makes perfect.

Practicing gratitude is powerful. Through practicing gratitude you can attract more positivity into your life. Think of it like this: when the universe receives your signal of gratitude, it wants to give you even more love. So for all you have been given, give back gratitude. 

Here are some pointers.

1. Attach an action to your gratitude.

Were you ever told that when you borrow something you should return it in better condition than how you received it? For example, if you borrow someone's car, you should clean it and top it off with gas before returning it to the owner. Or if you are given a dish of food, rather than returning that dish empty, put a special treat inside. When you show gratitude in your actions, people will become more generous with you, as you have proven yourself to be someone worth sharing with. 

2. Manifest goodness.

Show gratitude for what you have been given by trusting in the future. Ever heard of someone manifesting something into existence? People describe it as a self-help strategy that can make an individual's wishes come true by mentally visualizing them. While that may sound silly, there is logic in this notion: when you know where you are going, it is easier to know what steps to take to get there. For example, if you envision yourself having a happy, productive and healthy day, you will more easily make the choices that will help you ✨ manifest ✨ that kind of day. 

3. Take care.

Take care of the gifts you’ve been given. Love on your home — create a sanctuary for yourself and your family. Nourish your healthy body — stretch and move often, and be mindful of what you consume. Pour your heart into your work, to show how grateful you are to be able to. The more you show this kind of care, the more all of the gifts in your life will shine!

Don't forget!

This month we are doing the gratitude challenge!

It's pretty simple: no negative speech for the month of November.

Meet problems with solutions, obstacles with ambition to overcome, and frustration with understanding.

Good luck friends and happy tea time!

Need some teas the whole fam will love?

Crisp Apple Pu Erh

Mountain Sunrise

Prickly Pear

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