Happy October, tea lovers! The air is getting chilly, leaves are displaying their vibrant orange and red hues and a growing anticipation for the holiday season looms in the air. October is a rather mystical month and carries a tone of fantasy and creativity as it is - and that is why this month we are focusing on empowering and inspiring our creativity, intuition, and imagination. It is the perfect time to reconnect with yourself in this season of change.

Snuggle up, make a witch's brew of tea and check out our tips to indulge your creativity & imagination this October.


Soak up your alone time.

Autumn is the season that symbolizes release, transformation and change, making it an excellent time to look inward, pause and reflect. Taking time for yourself in a world as hectic and busy as ours, can seem hard but it is worth every second. Being alone helps us remember where our passions lie, and might even encourage you to face certain problems or difficulties in your life head on. Giving yourself alone time means you can explore these things without the pressures and judgments that others may impose. Having time to yourself is critical for growth and personal development.

Don't know what to do during your alone time? Here's some ideas.


  • Diffuse: Using an essential oil diffuser or humidifier increases moisture in the air and can alleviate seasonal allergies. The cool steam also offers visual and auditory therapeutic effects, which can be a perfect thing to focus on while you just "be." Breathe slowly and take note of what comes to mind.
  • Write it out: Take your favorite journal out and just write while you are by yourself. Write about your goals, your mistakes, dreams you had while sleeping, recipes, childhood memories. Anything that allows you to reflect.
  • Make self care a hobby: Self care should be something that you incorporate into your everyday life. Self care can be practiced by just making sure you are eating breakfast every morning, getting in your walk, texting a friend for fun, reading a chapter of your book, or making a cup of tea before bed. Simple things can make all the difference.

Let go of what no longer serves you.

Some things work for you for a while and then stop working for you. People change and life changes and the things that make up life change too. We are creatures of habit, lovers of the familiar, and we prefer safety, even if something is no longer serving us. When something no longer serves you, that means it no longer helps you move forward in the direction you (currently) want to go. And it definitely is ok to let things go. It’s okay to change, and it's okay to require change.

Figuring out how to let go? Try these ideas.


  • Get the weeds out of your garden: Life is a garden. You plant the seeds and you nurture the plants and you reap the harvest. But sometimes weeds pop up and produce a harvest you don’t like. Even if it's producing a crop, that doesn't mean it holds value in your life. Think about what you are planting and what you are growing. Decide if it has a place in your garden or if it is a crop that is taking up precious space. Other people valuing a particular crop does not mean you have to value it.
  • Compare desire & duty: Start looking at every activity in your life and asking if you do it from desire or duty. Then question the role of duty in your life. Do you sometimes feel like the desires take a second place in your life? (That's pretty much normal for everyone.) Explore why and what that has gotten you. Ask yourself if you always have to be a duty first person or if there are some situations that call for desire!
  • Take inventory: Make a list of your physical possessions, your beliefs, obligations, habits, relationships, commitments, and goals. Then pretend you have to eliminate 30% of the list. Go with your gut and make quick decisions. Now, maybe follow through in real life - let some relationships go, give away some possessions, and end some commitments. Simplify so you can focus on what you value most.

Nourish your creativity.

Creativity allows us to view and solve problems more openly and with innovation. Creativity opens the mind and can help you turn off autopilot. It can help you experience all the little moments in life more intimately. Even if you aren't a creative person, anyone can channel their intuitiveness (which creativity is largely made up of).

Wondering how you can enrich your life with creativity?

  • Let the words flow first: Sit down and write a short story or poem that you heard or one that you make up! As you are writing, an idea might come to mind or you might be inspired by the words written.
  • Take a shower or bath: The best, most creative ideas often come when the mind and body relax. The subconscious mind makes connections that otherwise don't happen and some of the best ideas appear. When your body is experiencing water, your heart rate can actually decreases, you feel more at ease and your thoughts should flow as freely as a stream.
  • Take a walk somewhere new: It’s amazing the impact experiencing a new place can have. Bask in the experience of everything a new place has to offer. The sights, sounds, smells, buildings, plants, animals and people of a new place all have the ability to shape our ideas in entirely new ways and can be a great way to spark creativity.

We hope you spend October seeking alone time to do some inner healing, creative thinking and honing in on your natural instincts.

Happy tea time friends!

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